Cybersecurity Scam Awareness

Cyber News: Stay Informed and Protected

Stay informed with our latest Cyber News update! As digital transactions surge, so do the tactics of cybercriminals. We’re witnessing a concerning increase in digital wallet scams, where unsuspecting individuals fall victim to fraudulent schemes online. Additionally, vehicle scams are on the rise, highlighting the need for heightened vigilance in all aspects of digital interactions. Stay ahead of the curve by staying informed. Learn how to spot these scams and protect yourself and your assets from evolving cyber threats. Join the conversation today and safeguard your digital footprint with MVR Group.

Increase in Digital Wallet Scams: Cybersecurity Scam Awareness

Accidental deposit scams are on the rise. These scams occur when a cybercriminal “accidentally” sends money to a user’s payment app like Zelle or Venmo. They then message the user, asking them to send the accidental payment back. If the user interacts with the scammer and sends the money back, they might become part of the scammer’s money laundering scheme where they use these payment apps to take money from hacked bank accounts. Users should resolve these issues with the payment company’s customer service instead of interacting with the potential scammer. Enhance your Cybersecurity Scam Awareness to avoid falling victim.

Vehicle Scams on the Rise: Exercise Caution and Verify

There has been a rise in fake vehicle listings online. Cybercriminals have been crafting fake listings and websites, presenting too-good-to-be-true offers of vehicles. The cybercriminals may even include a fake vehicle history report to lend credibility to their listing. Avoid these scams by researching the seller, insisting on seeing the vehicle in person before buying, and proceeding with caution when asked to pay through unusual or untraceable methods. Protect yourself from falling victim to vehicle scams in the digital realm by staying vigilant and exercising caution. Stay proactive in enhancing your Cybersecurity Scam Awareness to safeguard against such threats.